segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2019

Seikima II - Love Flight

I want to make another dream tonight
It's up to you, you gotta take a chance
Oh bay let me be your fantasy
Just trust in me,you gotta get up and dance

Oh,what is this feeling?Oh,come in to my light
And if want me,you'll be mine tonight

Oh, baby ,I can see your shining eyes
Just fantasize,open up your mind
Remember days of your sweet happiness
Come fry with me,Living out of time

*I'm all your need baby,You leave sadness behind
We'll dance foever, 'cause time will be mine

**Love Flight! Dancing with the devil
Love Flight! Set to burning level
Love Flight! Let's dance and dance back again
Flash back ! Love Flight!

Let's dance together down the Milky Way
Your memory bringing back your dreams
They sing a song about your yesterdays
You can't go back, You wanna know what it means!

* Repeat

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