domingo, 31 de março de 2019

Concerto Moon - Stand By The Window

I stand by the window
Looked back on past days
Many memories cannot make up for repents
However the wind tell new day
I told myself the night breaks away
Take a... step forward

Looking for new possibility
It's not start for keep standing
The wind always push my back
It's not lost the hope
A new day has come

I don't look back, I don't feel sad

Don't give up my dreams
Trust the wind with my soul
Don't waste my experience
Facing today

The sun comes up
Never... feelin' sorrow for sunset
Just think about... what can you do
I don't have margin... for look up to the sky... and moon
'Cause afraid of tomorrow come
But it's not now
It may grow up a little
I'm almost a man
I can do anything
Trust the wind with my soul

Stand by the window

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